A guide to touring Tokyo Chuo City

A guide to touring Tokyo Chuo City

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Here are the latest top 10 tourist attractions in Chuo City that have been searched the most. Be the first to find out what’s hot in Chuo City!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Here are the latest top 10 tourist attractions in Chuo City that have been searched the most. Be the first to find out what’s hot in Chuo City!

Tsukishima Monja Street

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  • Tsukishima Monja Street
  • Monjayaki is the origin of Japanese cheap sweets. It is widely known as the representative taste of downtown Tokyo. You can enjoy the fun cooking and eating methods. Please visit Tsukishima where there are a lot of good restaurants, delicious aromas in the air and smiling faces. Monjayaki Souvenir Sets and local maps are available at the Office of the Tsukishima Monja Promotional Cooperative Society.

Tokyo Kyukyodo

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  • Tokyo Kyukyodo
  • Kyukydo has been operating for over 350 years since being founded in Kyoto as a druggist. With the philosophy "Protecting and nurturing Japan's traditions and culture", we have a number of great products with a sense of the season that suit the modern life of Japanese people as well as observing traditions and conventions. On the 1st floor there is letter paper, envelopes, postcards, greeting cards, money envelopes, seasonal products, etc., and on the 2nd floor there is incense, brushes, Chinese ink, ink stones, paper, materials for calligraphy, etc., and notebooks of Washi displayed for sale.

Pokémon Center TOKYO DX

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  • Pokémon Center TOKYO DX
  • A "Pokémon Center" is an official Pokémon store that not only sells game software, card games and a full and varied range of original merchandise, but also offers services and promotional campaigns that any Pokémon fan is sure to love.

Nihonbashi River Station

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  • Nihonbashi River Station
  • This is the newest boat dock in Chuo City, and it started operating in April 2011. The facilities include a 20 meters long, 6 meters wide pontoon, and a connecting bridge. The entrance to the dock is located in Taki-no-Hiroba (Waterfall Square). The dock is easily accessible, being close to Nihonbashi Station and Mitsukoshimae Station and about a fifteen-minute walk from Tokyo Station. A regular boat service is available between Nihonbashi boat dock and Asakusa Nitenmon boat dock.


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  • YAESU SHOPPING MALL, stretching in the basement of an area around the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station, is one of the biggest underground shopping malls in Japan, with a variety of attractive shops ranging from gourmet and fashion to everyday sundries and services. Equipped with parking lots that can accommodate 774 cars, the mall is situated in a location with outstanding access by both train and car.


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  • A concept store from London directed by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. This concept store uniquely sells various brands from design house brands to street brands as well as all the brand of Comme des Garcons. On each floor, sculptures, art pieces, photographs, and objets d'arts are also displayed as a part of the shop space. The music environment in the store is produced by a sound artist in New York; it is a store that stimulates your entire senses.


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  • An umbrella specialty store rarely seen in Japan. Its lineup includes versatile foreign-made umbrellas, but focuses on high-end Japanese umbrellas carefully hand made by veteran umbrellas craftsmen. Its rich variety features rain umbrellas, parasols, dual-use umbrellas, as well as 16 or 24-rib umbrellas, light-weight umbrellas, and automatic umbrellas.

Tsukiji Outer Market

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  • Tsukiji Outer Market
  • Tsukiji Outer Market is has nearly 460 food specialty stores operate in the maze-like alleys, selling fresh fish and seafood, cooking utensils, meats and seasonings. Always filled with shoppers and vigorous voices calling out to customers, Tsukiji makes you feel energized. You eat to get energy. Eat lots of delicious foods and be happy.


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  • Under the Corporate Philosophy, “The Highest Quality for Everyone, Everytime,” we prepare various kinds of quality food products such as "My Jam," which is well known under the "My" brand, wines and spirits and food that we directly import from abroad, bread, sausage, and ham of "delibake Meidi-Ya", many recommendations by MEIDI-YA STORES, daily foods, and Japanese and Western confectionery. Hot item "Recommendation by Meidi-ya Stores: Kyobashi curry, Yokohama Motomachi curry and Kyoto Sanjo curry" is now on sale and is very popular.


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  • The bridge is said to have been built in 1603 at the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The next year, it was made the starting point of the Gokaido, or five major roads and became the symbol of the prosperous city of Edo, the center of Japan. The current twin arch bridge made of stone was completed in 1911. The kirin statue under the bridge light in the center of the bridge depicts the prosperity of the city of Tokyo when it was made, and the shishi statues at the four corners depict protection. The Nihonbashi was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Introduction of local specialty shops in Chuo City—you can experience foods and items collected from around Japan.

Introduction of local specialty shops in Chuo City—you can experience foods and items collected from around Japan.